Traustin (Tr/ish and Austin) is the friendship pairing of Austin Moon and Trish De la Rosa. They are great friends and they care a lot about each other.

Other Names:Edit

  • Ausrish (Aus/tin and T/rish)
  • Austrish (Aus/tin and Trish)
  • Stinish (Au/stin and Tr/ish)
  • Austish (Austi/n and Tri/sh)
  • Aurish (Au/stin and T/rish)
  • Ausish (Aus/tin and Tr/ish)
  • Trin (Tr/ish and Aust/in)
  • Trisn (Tris/h and Austi/n)
  • Ausish (Aus/tin and Tr/ish)
  • Arish (A/ustin and T/rish)
  • Shaustin (Tri/sh and Austin)
  • Ishtin (Tr/ish and Aus/tin)
  • Trishin (Trish and Aust/in)
  • Trishtin (Trish and Aus/tin)
  • Aurosaoon (Au/stin M/oon and Trish De La /Rosa)
  • Tristin (Tris/h and Aus/tin)

Traustin MomentsEdit

Season 1Edit

Rockers & Writers

  • When Trish and Ally go to Austin's house, Trish excitedly tells him she is a huge fan.[1]
  • Trish has Austin's song for her ringtone and is seen holding an Austin doll.
  • Trish becomes Austin's Manager.

Secrets & SongbooksEdit

  • Austin hugged Trish when she booked him a gig on a TV show.
  • Austin says Trish is the best manager ever.

Tickets & TrashbagsEdit

  • Trish booked Austin a gig with Shiny Money.
  • Trish made chocolate-frosted French fries for Austin. But that was for a competition.
  • Trish was the first one to do a special favor for Austin.

Club Owners & QuinceanerasEdit

  • When Trish came up on stage at her birthday party, Austin says that she looks great.
  • Austin felt bad about not getting Trish a present, despite how many she already had.

Deejays & DemosEdit

  • Trish gave Austin a card to apologize to Ally.
  • They were on the radio together (Trish pretended to be Ally).

    Austin and Ally (Trish) in Miami Music Magazine

  • They were on a cover of a magazine together.
  • Austin said "Ally" always talking about herself and a third person annoys him, which possibly means that he was annoyed with Trish.
  • Austin knew that Trish knew everything about Ally since she's her best friend.

Soups & StarsEdit

  • They danced for the commercial.
  • They portray a married couple for the commercial.
  • Austin's hand was on Trish's waist when they dance in the commercial.
  • While filming the Sonic Boom commercial, Austin and Trish sing "Sonic boom boom boom boom boom boom boom" together.
  • They were holding hands when they were dancing.

Successes & SetbacksEdit

  • Trish felt bad about not giving Austin presents.
  • She gave Austin a mint.
  • She put her arm around Austin at the piano.

Albums & AuditionsEdit

  • Austin and Trish (along with Dez), helped Ally get into M.U.N.Y.
  • Trish attended Austin's album release party.
  • While Dez was handing Austin lots of albums to sign, he looks at Trish with a confused look.
  • Austin and Trish both didn't understand the true meaning of M.U.N.Y. (Music University of New York.)

Season 2Edit

Backups & BreakupsEdit

  • When the gang was checking on the injured backup dancer, Austin was standing really close to Trish.
  • Austin felt bad for Trish that her boyfriend used her.
  • Austin fired Trent because he was using Trish.
  • Austin did the dance off for Trish.
  • Austin hugged Trish first, after he won the dance-off. 
  • Trish didn't want the fact that she and Trent were dating influence Austin's decision over who to hire.
  • Trish was able to convince Austin to make Trent his backup dancer, even though she was very annoying about it.

Crybabies & CologneEdit

  • Trish asked Austin to sing to various people in order to get free stuff.
  • As they left, they were holding hands.

Austin & Jessie & Ally: All Star New YearEdit

  • They hug twice.
  • Trish felt bad about Austin, when he wouldn't sing at times square in NY.
  • Trish got Austin to New York on time for his performance.
  • Trish told Austin that whenever he had a dream, he could come to her and she would make it happen.
  • Trish said, "Sorry Austin!" when she announced they were going to land in Philadelphia for a while.

Fresh Starts & Farewells

  • Trish announced that Austin's tour has been changed the fact that the venue was to small since too many people wanted tickets for his concert.
  • They hugged twice.
  • Austin wanted Trish to take the credit for the fact that he got Jimmy to let Ally be the opening act for Austin's tour in Miami.
  • Trish hugged Austin for this.
  • They were both very sad (along with Dez) when Ally said she was staying in Miami.
  • Trish (along with Dez) joined Austin on his tour (even though she has to since she's Austin's manager).

Season 3 Edit

Road Trips & Reunions

  • Trish looked worried for Austin when fans ruined his clothes.
  • When Trish answered Ally's video chat request, Austin stood close to her.
  • They were standing close to each other in most of the episode.
  • Trish seemed worried when Austin kept going on the wrong bus.

What If's & Where's Austin

  • Trish was worried when Austin dropped their breakfast.
  • Trish said "I love Austin too".
  • When Austin came back with the breakfast, Trish (and Ally and Dez) hugged him.
  • In the hug, they were very close to each other.
  • Trish said they're lives would have been awful without Austin.