Friendy Names or Sillames (Silly names) are the names for the users who are contributing to this wiki. They are called "Friendy names" NOT "Friendly names", so try not to get the two mixed up . Your Friendy name will be used for the whole year. On,January 1 2015,you will request new Friendy or Sillames.Edit

Need help with these questions ?

  • What are Friendy names ?
  • How I will make a Friendy name ?
  • How I will Get a Friendy name ?
  • Who Is The Incharge Of The Sillames ?

What are Friendy Names?Edit

Friendy names are your nicknames that you are going to use in this wiki. But,The Friendy names are suppose to be Silly and fun. Like: "TheFatApple" or "TheRoarer" or "FattyMatt."

How will I make a Friendy Name?Edit

Do you want to make a Friendy name? It's Easy! Just go to our Board:Request For An Friendy Name! and request the name you want as your Friendy name and when the Founder says it's appropriate, then Have fun and use your name!

How will I get a Friendy Name?Edit

When Cade or Aleeha says "Approved!" It means You can use Your name!

Who is in-charge of the Sillames?Edit

The can only be one person in-charge of the Sillames, and currently that person is: Cade "TheAtomApple."

What can Cade do?Edit

He can report your names to me if they are irrelevent or not appropriate. He can also accept your name's request and he is the one who can approve your name :)