Aleestaedilan is a pairing of Aleeha, Asmita, Tian, Red and Ilhan

Aleestaedilan: Episode I | About Me!/Us!/You!Edit

"Aleeha" Alvi is a great friend she is likely nice for Asmita and Tian and she just like to funny :D

"Asmita" Pandey is a inactive friend. she is a nice girl, and likes to chat, chatting with Tian. Jury of Happy! :)

"Tian" Christian is a glazing rainbow dwarfely friend. He likes to chat, chat, chat over night but late. :)BTWS!

"Red" Ima is a redfullyheart friend his mood is firefly and he/she likes love an his/her Compassion on his/her name, RED

"Ilhan" Alvi is a likely gentle likeful teenager. he realy gets the spot on his Blue side!!!!! and many star lifes.

Aleestaedilan: Episode II | "About our Zenerity"Edit

Our Zenerity is our spirit power of the Friendshipper with a zenerity Power glazing to the sky!

Aleestaedilan: Episode III | FAVORITE EDITS?Edit

  1. Tian
  2. Aleeha
  3. Asmita
  4. Red
  5. Ilhan