Aleestaedian (years active 2013-late-2014, mid-2015-??) is the friendship pairing of Aleeha, Asmita, Red and Tian. The last generation with the member Tian19981234 ( "Technically" After renamed), The first generation with the member TianTheFrienshipper. The veteran generation with the member Asmita Pandey, The crossover generation with New TianTheFrienshipper, The previous generation with the veteraning of Renaming New-New Tian duplicated as "Comeback Hoedown Showdown Redable Renaming" while an error happened the New Tian has been destroyed. The TianTF page has been going an error bug then Tian has an very emergency thing to stop the New tian to talk at the date there coming of. All Of Them Take Care Of Themselves And Others Also, They Are All Loving, Careful And Amazing. They Met At The Austin and Ally Wiki, And then Contributed Here. They Always Understand Everyone Feelings And They Have Promised That They Will Never Left Behind Anyone In Any Turn Of Their Life :) and That's a Good And Amazing Quote. This is Called Friendship, A friendship is never Ends A spirit must to be stop it to start the friendship. Once a day, The Original Tian has deleted his account from Wikia, and that time Aleestaedian was not appearing after Tian's Breakfast. Tian has dissapeared during Friendship Avalanche on January 2014.

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